What is the $5,000 Weekend Blackjack Classic?

Perhaps the issue of this thrilling online blackjack tournament should be explained.  Anyone looking for a fun blackjack tournament that takes place online during the weekend may need to look no further than the $5,000 Weekend Blackjack Classic.

The $5,000 Weekend Blackjack Classic is an exciting blackjack tournament that may be accessed at the Millionaire Casino.  Online blackjack tournaments offer blackjack players the privacy to enjoy playing a competitive game from the comfort of home.

This means that blackjack enthusiasts may use their skill and try their hand against other Internet blackjack players with all the convenience and advantages of online gaming.  At this particular blackjack tournament, gamers may try their luck for a prize pool of $5,000.

Details of the $5,000 Weekend Blackjack Classic at the Millionaire Casino

The Millionaire Casino’s $5,000 Weekend Blackjack Classic is an attractive tournament that runs from Friday to Sunday.  This tournament has a buy-in charge of $10 and as is suggested by its name, the prize pool for this event is $5,000.

In addition to taking part in the exciting $5,000 Weekend Blackjack Classic, players at the Millionaire Casino may also enjoy a variety of weekly, monthly and daily tournaments.  Times and details of the various tournaments are displayed at the site for the convenience of players.

More than the $5,000 Weekend Blackjack Classic on Offer

Tempted by the $5,000 Weekend Blackjack Classic, but want to know what else you will find at the Millionaire Casino?  Well, although the $5,000 Weekend Blackjack Classic can be great fun, this online casino site does have more to offer its customers.

In addition to exciting promotions throughout the week, players may take their pick from a whole range of attractive games. There is a selection of top casino attractions at this site including blackjack, video poker, slot and roulette, among others.

Getting started at the Millionaire Casino is easy.  All you need is the use of a computer with access to the Internet and then you may follow the simple steps that are laid out at the site and choose between a free download of casino software or an instant play Flash mode.

If you have not yet joined the Millionaire Casino, now could be a great time as you can take advantage of the $5,000 Weekend Blackjack Classic as well as a range of other exciting gaming action.

Do take a look at a special promotion for newcomers to the Millionaire Casino before making your first deposit as it would be a shame to miss out on a bonus that is in place especially for new players.

New players at the Millionaire Casino may benefit from a free sign-up bonus that is spread out over a player’s first three deposits at the site.  This 100% match bonus may be used up to the huge total amount of $5,000.

Check out the $5,000 Weekend Blackjack Classic at the Millionaire Casino for some exciting online blackjack fun.