Blackjack Tournament Strategies

125x125.16blackjackThe usual standard Blackjack game, in which the only goal of the player is to beat the dealer, is not the same as a Blackjack tournament. Since Blackjack is an easy game to understand and play, Blackjack tournaments are steadily gaining popularity. Simultaneously, the demand for good Blackjack strategies is rising.

The most important aim of a Blackjack tournament player is to beat his/her opponents. In standard Blackjack, the performance of the other players is of no importance. But, in a Blackjack tournament, the performance of opponents is the only factor that matters. A player’s Blackjack tournament strategy is therefore usually dictated by the number of chips in front of his/her opponents.

Success in Blackjack tournaments requires players to be as aggressive and competitive as possible. Since the size of the chip stack is of paramount importance, players must do everything in their power to maintain their chip stack or face the danger of being eliminated. If they find that their chip stack is fast diminishing in size, players must bet big and catch up the others. Players can afford to relax and enjoy the game only if they are way ahead of their opponents. This is the best time to place small-sized bets and allow the others to risk their bankrolls.

Players might also like to adopt Kevin Blackwood’s Blackjack strategy. Kevin explains this simple and straightforward strategy in his book, “Play Blackjack Like the Pros.” According to this strategy, players are required to bet the opposite of what the opponents bet.  For instance, players must bet big if their opponents bet small. Likewise, they must bet small if their opponents bet big.

This simple strategy is built upon the simple fact that the quality of one’s hands will not help one win a Blackjack tournament; only the size of the chip stack will.

Players must also be prepared to do a few simple things such as arriving early at the Blackjack tournament if they want to be successful. Most casinos disqualify players who turn up late at a Blackjack table. Arriving early will also give players a chance to assess the situation, relax, and get ready to play a great game.

Many pros advise players not to start betting big initially. In other words, betting small during the first few rounds is highly recommended. Let other players take the risks and bet big. Making small bets during the initial rounds of the game also enables players to have ample chips throughout the game and also gives them the opportunity to adjust their strategy as the game progresses.

Players must realize that even the slightest knowledge of strategy will help them play a better game of Blackjack. Although a generous dose of luck is required for Blackjack success, the game cannot be won without strategy and tremendous risk management and bankroll management abilities. Players who wish to improve their game of Blackjack must read “Casino Tournament Strategy,” a book authored by Stanford Wong.

Alternatively, they can also avail of online Blackjack resources.