BlackJack Tournament Style – BlackJack Elimination at All Slots Casino

125x125.75allslotsThe standard form of Blackjack has been around for a long, long time; but Elimination Blackjack tournaments are relatively new. What’s more, they offer unlimited entertainment and the chance to make some money. No wonder Elimination Blackjack tournaments are rapidly gaining popularity and more and more online casinos are including them into their tournament schedules. has introduced a nice collection of Blackjack tournaments into its schedule, some of which have no entry fee.

Elimination Blackjack tournaments are an exciting blend of No Limit Texas Hold’em and Blackjack. For this reason, sound working knowledge of No Limit Texas Hold’em will help players play a successful game of Blackjack.  Before attempting to play Elimination Blackjack, players have to practice playing the standard game of Blackjack several times.

In Elimination Blackjack, the focus is on accumulating the largest number of chips. The tournament comprises 3 rounds of 8, 16, and 25 hands each. Players with low chip stacks are eliminated at the end of each round. Ultimately, the player who has the largest number of chips in his/her stack wins the game and carries away the pot.

When the tournament commences, each player has equal number of chips. The Blackjack table also includes a rotating button, which determines which of the players should be the first to bet. Depending on the casino, players get just a few seconds to make a decision. The casino offering the Elimination Blackjack tournament might or might not charge an entry fee.

Top Blackjack pros advise new players that theymust think well and fast before coming to a decision. As far as possible, betting high in the initial phase of the game must be avoided. Professional players of Blackjack advice beginners to keep half the number of their chips safe, a move that later enables them to double or split if necessary.

All Slots Casino offers TEST Blackjack, absolutely free of charge, so that players can practice as much as they like before playing an actual Elimination Blackjack tournament. The site also offers a Blackjack freeroll with a prize pool of $50. Players can also choose from an exciting array of Blackjack $2 Scheduled, Blackjack $5 Scheduled, and Blackjack $10 Card Counter, with prize pools of $25, $63, and $126 for an entry fee of 20 cents, 50 cents, and $1, respectively. The casino also offers another free Blackjack game with a prize pool of $100. To know exactly when these tournaments are played, players simply have to check out the tournaments schedule on the All Slots Casino website.

Before entering an Elimination Blackjack tournament, players must be aware that, although Blackjack is easy to understand and play, a successful game of Blackjack cannot be played without employing the correct blackjack strategies. Players must first develop the required skills; otherwise, they will find themselves rising from the Blackjack table broke and bewildered. In preparation for a successful Elimination Blackjack game, players must practice regularly, read books on Blackjack strategy, visit online Blackjack resources, and enhance their Blackjack skills.