Blackjack Tournament Style – The Head2Head at Slots Galore

125x125.129winnerAll Blackjack enthusiasts have definitely played the traditional game of Blackjack, in which all the players at a table play against the house. Not many of them are aware that several prominent online casinos such as Slots Galore offer exciting variants of Blackjack such as Head2Head Blackjack. In this variant, two Blackjack players play against each other as well as against the house. However, unlike traditional Blackjack, the house does not win; instead one of the players wins the pot. The Head2Head Blackjack tournament at Slots Galore is definitely worth playing.

Players of Head2Head Blackjack face the double challenge of having to beat the dealer as well as their opponent in order to grab the alluring prize pot. The usual rules of Blackjack apply to Head2Head Blackjack tournaments too. The tournament commences with each player getting an equal number of chips. Players then play a pre-determined number of hands, each hand comprising a round, at the end of which, the player with the largest number of chips takes home the pot.

Players of a Head2Head Blackjack tournament receive a card each; and the player with the lower card value has to act first, and this continues for several rounds.  A Head2Head tournament can be a high-speed tournament of 5 rounds or it could be a longer, more sedate tournament of 40 rounds.

The tournament can have varied outcomes.The player, who has the largest number of chips at the end of the pre-determined number of rounds, wins the pot. If either of the players runs out of the chips when the tournament is in progress, he/she is immediately declared to be the loser. Another possible outcome could be the draw, in which both players find themselves to be having the same number of chips. In this case, the tournament may continue till one of the players is found to be leading. In order to win, players are also expected to beat the dealer. However, the biggest advantage of Head2Head Blackjack is that the dealer never wins. If one of the two players loses, the opponent takes his/her money, not the house.

Head2Head Blackjack is not only a fun game, but also a luck and strategy game. Just as in case of other Blackjack variants, players ought to know how to manage bankrolls as well as risk. They need to know exactly when they have to stand, hit, double down, split, take insurance, and so on. The trick is to bet smartly and keep the size of the chip stack bigger than that of the opponent.

Those who would like to play Head2Head Blackjack can have a look at the Blackjack offering at Slots Galore. Players will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the site deals with Blackjack as well as slot machine games. Every week, Slots Galore offers a Blackjack event, which is not only exciting, but also affordable. Players need to spend only $5 as entry fee to the Head2Head Blackjack tournament. The tournament commences on Monday and concludes on Thursday.