General Overview

If you like playing in the casino then today many online casinos are available to you. They are replica of the land based casinos and all the land based casino games are available in the online casinos. Before playing the game, you should have little more information about the game as it improves your chances of winning the game.

Blackjack is one such popular online casino game which is always in demand. People of any age enjoy it and all the online casinos have made sure that they have this game. If you learn all the tips on how to play this game then you will realize that playing this game is very easy and there are some betting strategies which will help your chances of winning the game.

Card Counting

The most important strategy in this game is card counting which is used commonly by the people. You are supposed to count the cards so than you can keep track of the proportion of low cards to high cards and then as per the outcome of the count, you can fluctuate your bet. There are quiet a few methods available for card counting. They are KO count, The Hi Opt I count, the Hi Opt II count and the Hi Lo Count.

Positive and Negative Betting System

Overall two types of progressive betting are possible there which can be worked for online blackjack strategy. One is the positive online blackjack strategy which will require you to increase your bet by a predefined amount after you win every bet. In case you lose a bet, you are supposed to revert back to your original amount. The second progressive betting strategy needs you to increase your betting once you lose a hand with the hopes that no win will pay for your lose.

1. Positive Strategy

  • The Parlay strategy
  • This is a pyramid style strategy. When you win, you can use your original betting amount and add portion of your profit together as your next betting amount. In this you need to pre define your high before you start betting
  • The Paroli Strategy
  • In this strategy every time you win a bet, you are supposed to increase a bet and this amount you need to declare in advance. Here also you are supposed to define in advance about how high you can go in the game.

2. Negative Strategy

  • The Martingale Strategy
  • In this strategy, every time you lose, you are supposed to double your bet. This strategy needs large bankroll as small bankroll will not support doubling system.

Which strategy to use?

Out of so many strategies, it is important to select proper strategy and more important is to stick to that strategy at least for one cycle. Quitting early in the game is not a good winning strategy. While playing work on predefined bankrolls and stick to your betting limits. Playing with emotion does not help and sticking to your limits increases your winning chances.