General Overview

Blackjack is one of the famous online casino games which is played by all the types of players.  Everybody can enjoy this game.  This game requires lots of skill and small amount of luck.  If you know the game well before you start playing it, your chances of winning are improved.

Basic Strategy for the Blackjack game

Every game has certain rules and regulations and you have to play that game with proper strategy which increases your chance of winning that game.  For blackjack, you should decrease the house edge to the bare minimum i.e. around 0.5%.  There can be little variation between different online casinos but you should always go to the minimum which that casino allows you.  Even your selection of game like single blackjack or multi deck blackjack can give you different minimums to start with.

Basic Strategy Chart for the new players

If you really want to learn the good strategies of the game then you should learn the basic strategy chart first.  It gives you all the possible options of the game and shows you the cards which you should start with.  It shows you all the combination of the first two cards which you can play.  This gives you idea of the game as well as suggests you the moves which you should go for.  It even gives you idea for the move like hit, stand split and double down.  You get fair idea with it about your cards and can take some decisions once you see dealer’s cards.  You can change your moves after seeing first card and no need to wait for the dealer to show all his cards.

You can always print this basic strategy chart and keep it handy.  Every time you start playing this game, you can go through this strategy chart and start the game till you become expert.  This chart is very useful for new players.

Basic guide to play blackjack

The main criteria to play this game are that you should beat the dealer.  You are supposed to get closer to 21 than the dealer and you should not go beyond 21.  Before the start you should know one important thing about the game that the dealer will have set house rules. if you want to win this game then either Every time the dealer  hits on 16 or lower, you should hold a hand on minimum 17 or the dealer should go bust

These are some useful tips to win the game

  • In case the up card is 4,5,6 then you should stand on the hand of 11 or higher
  • In case the up card is 8 or higher then you should hit on the hand which is less than 17
  • In case the up card is 4,5,6 then you need to double down on 9 or go for soft hand of 13 to 17.
  • Never split two face cards, fives or tens but you should split two aces.