The original game of black jack is in use for a long time, but the tournament concept is not so old and is gaining a lot of popularity today. These tournaments are there to provide unlimited fun and frolic and also lot of money. Today we can see a lot of casinos adding elimination Blackjack tournaments to attract more crowd.  A lot of blackjack tournaments are fit in the schedule of There are many tournaments that have no entry fee.

An exciting blend of Blackjack and No Limit Texas Hold’em can be experienced at elimination blackjack tournaments. So a little understanding of Blackjack and Texas Hold’em can be of great help in taking you to the path of victory. Before the player wants to take part in the tournament it is important to practice playing in the game of Black jack game many times.

Unlike the standard game of blackjack the focus on the elimination blackjack lies on accumulating the maximum number of chips. This is because the player who is left with the least number of chips will have to exit the game. You need to make sure you are not one among them. The player with the maximum number of chips turns out to be the winner at the end of the game and carries the jackpot.

Each player is given equal number of chips when the game begins. The table also consists of a rotating button which would determine which player should bet first. Players just get a few seconds to decide before they need to place the bet. This start time differs from casino to casino. Depending on the casino you may or may not have to pay the entry fee.

According to various reviews it is quite clear that new players who just come to play should first think and understand before they place their bets. During the initial rounds it is advised not to place very high bets and take risk. It is wise to keep your chips safe in the first few rounds rather than taking high risk and losing all your chips. Once you lose your chips and if you have very less chips you will be eliminated from the tournament.

TEST blackjack is offered by All slots casino absolutely for free and the players are allowed to practice before they enter the tournament. There is a free prize pool of $50. There are plenty of options to choose from like Blackjack $2 Scheduled or Blackjack $10 Card Counter and so on. The casino also offers to its players free game of Blackjack with a prize money of $100. All these details are published on their website and the players can access that to know more.

It is important for the player of the Elimination Blackjack tournament to understand that though the normal game of Black jack is easy and can be won without much strategy, the tournament cannot be won without the use of the right methodologies. The necessary skills have to be fine tuned and the player must be competent to play the game if not they will break and lose confidence. Regular practice of the game and enhancing the skills required for playing the tournament can take them on the road to success.