A good online casino will offer you the opportunity to take part in blackjack tournaments in various forms. These events add a super element of competitiveness to your blackjack sessions and allow you to stand in line to win fantastic prizes in the process. Before you embark on your tournament journey, you will need to recognize that there are different types of blackjack tournaments that are offered by online casinos. We outline some of the more popular forms of blackjack tournaments so that you can make a decision that is right for you:

Sit and Go Blackjack Tournaments

Out of all the types of blackjack tournaments, sit and go tournaments are the most common, and can be found at most good casinos. The feature that stands out the most in these events is that they do not start at any particular time – ie. they are not scheduled. Instead, players can simply access the site and a sit and go tournament will begin as soon as there are enough players to form the minimum number required. Another thing to note is that sit and go blackjack tournaments are generally smaller than other types of tournaments.

Scheduled Blackjack Tournaments

In contrast to sit and go tournaments, scheduled tournaments have their dates and times scheduled ahead of time so that players know exactly when they will begin at the online casino. To join these types of casinos, players will generally check the tournament schedule at the site and register for the event that matches their requirements. The prize pot for scheduled blackjack tournaments generally changes from event to event. Sometimes the casino will pay out the amount that it gathered on entry fees, while other times the site will guarantee a fixed prize amount ahead of time, which may be more lucrative for players in the long run.

Freeroll Blackjack Tournaments

Once in a while, in order to attract more players to their site, online casinos will run freeroll blackjack tournaments which essentially allow players to enter the event without paying a cent of their own money. The great thing about these tournaments is that even though there is no entry fee, players still stand in line to win a prize. These types of tournaments allow new players to understand the thrill and excitement of blackjack tournaments without risking their own money.

Elimination and Non Elimination Blackjack Tournaments

There are two distinct styles of blackjack tournaments that players can enter – elimination style and non-elimination style. In elimination style blackjack tournaments, players can be eliminated at the end of each round of the event. The rules of the tournament will determine how many players go through to the next round. The second option – non-elimination style tournaments – determines the winner in a very different way. The player who manages to accrue the highest number of chips over a pre-determined number of rounds (or sometimes over a certain period of time) is declared the winner of the tournament.