A reputed online casino would give a player access to various blackjack tournaments. Events like these ass the much needed element of healthy competitiveness. With elements like these, the blackjack session is not only entertaining, but engaging as well. However, before a player decides to try his/her hand at blackjack tournaments, he/she should first go through its different types and kinds. Here are some of the most popular and well known forms of tournaments. A player can opt for one depending on his/her liking.

Sit and Go

‘Sit and Go’ tournament is probably the most common of all blackjack competitions held online. Most of the good casinos, both online as well as offline would offer this tournament. One of the key aspects of this kind of tournament is that it does not have a fixed schedule. It can start at any time of the day, thus making it unique. As soon as enough number of players are available, this tournament would get started. Also, sit and go tournaments are crisp and end quickly as compared to other various blackjack tournaments.

Scheduled Tournaments

This sort of tournaments are a complete contrast to ‘sit and go’ type. As the name would suggest, these tournaments have a proper schedule and hence the date and time of the competition is pre decided. The players are aware as to when they have to be available at online casinos in order to take part in these tournaments. Usually, players go through the tournament schedule that is displayed on the website and register in advance to be a part of it. The prize money varies from one event to the other. Certain events have fixed guaranteed prize money, while there are events that give away the money collected through registration process as reward.

Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll blackjack tournaments are usually organized in order to attract more number of players to a particular website. Players are allowed to be a part of the tournament without paying any kind of registration fees. With no money at stake, the number of players registering is staggering. Although online casinos do not charge entry fee, players still have a very realistic chance to win prize money. Freerolls are well known to attract new players who are yet to begin their casino career.

Elimination/Non Elimination Tournaments

Amongst the various blackjack tournaments, elimination and non elimination ones are extremely popular. Elimination and non elimination are known as the two distinct styles of playing blackjack tournaments. During an elimination tournament, a player would have to leave the game after each round. On the other hand, there is no such procedure in non elimination blackjack tournaments. A player who has managed to hold onto maximum number of chips at the end of the tournament would be declared as the winner. This can also be done in a period of time, instead of specific number of rounds.

These are the various blackjack tournaments that most of the casinos offer.