Popularly known as 21, blackjack is one of the most common game that is played in the online casinos. This is a simple game but encompasses a blend of surprise and the player is required to take some instant decisions using their strategies, chance and skill to win this game.  Before they start playing this game it is important for the player to understand what they are up to.

You can use any where between 1 to 8 deck of cards if you are keen to play Blackjack. There is a multi deck version of this game that is most popular and played at many online casinos. Shoes, which is also known as boxes are used in multi deck Blackjack to deal cards. In some casinos the player can also find machines that can help the player shuffle cards automatically.

To defeat the dealer is the aim of any player who plays this game of blackjack. It is important to remember that it is possible to defeat the dealer only if the total value left with one player is more than their opponent. But if the total value of the cards with one player is more than 21 then the player will lose. In case the total value is more than 21, then the player will win the game.

There are no particular values that are specific to the suits of cards in this game of Black Jack. All the cards starting from 2 to 10 are considered at their face value without any consideration of the suit they actually belong to. The value of ace is anywhere between 1 or 11, depending on the choice of the player. 10 is the value for queen, jack and King. If the hand has an ace then it is called as soft hand and the hand that lacks ace is called hard hand.

Once the wager is placed in the center of the table, then the game of Black jack begins. The table is usually semi-Circular. Each table has a capacity to accommodate only 6 players. Once the six players are available for play, the game begins. The chips that are needed to play this game can be purchased from the dealer or can also be from other black jack table. The game begins with bet. As per the rules of the game the players are not permitted to touch their cards during the game. Hand signals are the only medium of communication.

Each player of blackjack will be given 2 face up cards by the dealer. Players have to decide instantly on what move he has to take, how much value to retain and so on. Players must be bale to stay or get more cards if they are keen to beat the dealer. Once the round is done the value of the hole card is revealed.

In case the player finds that their fist 2 cards equals 21 they win on the spot. This is the case when it is said the player is “having Blackjack”. The winners in this case will receive one and half times of the value of the bet they placed. In case the total value of the cards exceeds to what the dealer has but less than 21 then they are eligible to get the amount equal to their bet amount. In case the total value is lesser than what the dealer has then they will lose their bet.